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at this time, Fourchinnigan Publications only publishes the work of Fourchinnigan and projects he is a member.

If opportunities arise in the future to publish others' work, information will be posted here at chinnypub.com.


Fourchinnigan Publications
is the print division of Fourchinnigan Productions (found at 4chinny.com). We specialize in illustrated fiction for a variety of age groups. Future projects include graphic novels and childrens' books.

was born in the swamplands of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His youth was spent wrestling alligators and fighting Poison Oak. Upon reaching adulthood, he was exiled for refusing to marry his cousin. Fourchinnigan now resides in Los Angeles, CA where rumor has it the devil was born.


Chinny at workFourchinnigan at work




All work © Fourchinnigan Publications
and Jason Milligan unless otherwise stated
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